magnet (magnets)

  1. A piece of material that attracts some metals by magnetism.
  2. (informal, preceded by a noun) A person or thing that attracts what is denoted by the preceding noun.
    He"s always in the company of women — he"s a bit of a babe magnet.

6 letters in word "magnet": A E G M N T.

No anagrams for magnet found in this word list.

Words found within magnet:

ae ag age agen agent am amen ament an ane ant ante at ate ea ean eat egma em en eng et eta etna gae gaen gam game gan gane gant gat gate gean geat gem gen gena gent get geta gnat ma mae mag mage man mane manet mang mange mat mate me mean meant meat meg mega men meng ment menta met meta mna na nae nag nam name nat ne neat neg nema net ta tae tag tam tame tan tane tang te tea team teg ten tenga